Sunday, July 11, 2004

...... it has been a domestic catch up day today with the vital Tesco visit.
Great to have a curry with friends. A BBQ would be the social norm this time of year but ............ the current weather both here and all the UK is 'cool' and I don't mean trendy!
It is also wet wet wet and I don't mean a Scottish sloppy pop band.

The next few weeks will be busy with a range of bhp guests in the wilson home. I will keep you briefed so you can tell me if we are good enough hosts.

I have yet to unpack the week behind and I am already living the future. hmmm.
I need to reflect and I will do. The soul yearns for self understanding but the well is so deep - I need the rest of eternity to yearn and discover.

It is late and I cannot even focus on the things I have done today BUT one is - I have booked the Polish flight for our visit to the wedding of Anita and Tomek.

Signing off .................. you beautiful human ................ see you in my dreams ....... and back here on this channel tomorrow zzzzzzzzzzz