Saturday, July 03, 2004

..... this I did some time ago when asked to do a Biog for the Conference brochure .............

pip wilson biog
APS Workshop
Pip Works with several YMCA's as a group worker with Residents and also as a Staff Trainer. He works experientially to create learning experiences and reflection which facilitate the development of individuals, the group and wider into the community.

Former life was leading a large ymca on the east side of London, leading a youth team in the East End of London working with Youth Gangs as part of forty years of experience working with young offenders.

He has published four books but carries far more scars than that.
Life has been feelings of failure more than success.
Life is considered a mission not a career, a journey not a destination and an irritation to be refreshed regularly.

Books and other published works are usually games and exercises to create fun, thought, self revelation, development and a beautiful experience for both participant and leader.

Christian faith is not as important as 'wholistic development.'
Love is a doing word.
Peace making
is not as good as
Love making.