Sunday, July 11, 2004

......... here I am just raising my head from a brain shower at home. Mainly doing nothing structured. Nothing strategic. No deadlines. Just chill man.

Last week I was at a conference of YMCA staff from around the four home nations. One session we were shown images of people and scenes of horror or beautiful places. We were asked to put our finger on our 'passion' as indicated by a photograph. I was interested how I picked two
1 was in the positive - a number of pix depicting art forms.
2 was in the negative - I chose an image of children behind bars - in a cage.
My passion is for the beauty and the experience of creativity/art. I believe that this does deep things in our soul. We are made in the image of God (it says and I believe). Being creative is doing 'shalom'.
The second and deep passion is against oppression. Children of course. But equally the day to day oppression which we humans can drill down on each other. Churches do it, homeless projects can do it, even educated flees do it.
(Ghandi was asked what was the worst thing he had experienced in all his years of self sacrifice, violence against his person and poverty. His answer was
"The hard hearted of the educated")

One of the worst things we can do is be oppressive. God save me from it as I click these keys. We can put people down. Ignore. Turn off the ears, turn up the mouth and we have eyes that don't see and therefore not feel the pain of those we are oppressing.

So this little time with myself and a group - spoke to my stumbling soul and reminded me of my inner passions which need to be outer passions MORE.
Down with interiority and up with exterior lifestyle.
Mind you the 'interior' is the place to start the work.
Jerk the soul till it bleeds daylight!

Everyday is a learning day.
I am living my life like it's Golden*

* Just wait 'til you hear this new song by Jill Scott.
Who is jill scott?
Just paste that one line into play dot com and buy the album
BUT the song above* is yet to appear - watch this space.

.you are precious ................