Monday, July 05, 2004

........ well .......... how are you?
How is your soul?
Have you done something today which scares you?
Have you met a new human?
Have you used that persons name?
Looked in the eye?

Have you stepped one step onwards for today?
Have you also stepped one step for tomorrow?
Do you feel beautiful?
You are beautiful.

I have kicked a little darkness 'till it bled daylight - today.
I have met some special people and set out some options for the future.
I have planned some for the week away this week.
Other things I will have to busk it.
I don't know how I will find people tomorrow.
Some will be gone - out of my life.
Others will be there as newday humans.
They will have moved like - 'you never step in the same river twice'.

I have been changed by Greece and Norway.
I have new scars - new experiences - new awareness.

So I will move from being close to those with special needs to my peers together in conference.
I will meet their needs with my needs.
I will lead.
I will take.
I will make.

I want to receive and discover new things.

New Experiences.

I am moving ahead as I click tonight. Yet I am aware that I have not told you who I am.
I feel ok and, I guess you know, I feel reflective.
That's ok for me.
Still yearning.
Still searching.
Still wanting to walk in uncertainty.
Still becoming.
Still refreshing the irritation.

And to you ............
.............................. hope you are ok and,
even if you don't feel beautiful,
you will live to make your life an act of love.