Saturday, July 03, 2004

. I am a bit more chilled than yesterday ..........

Watched a movie on tv last night to relax and thats a laugh. It was about the Krays, infamous East London gangsters. Hmm.
I know a little about that scene - or did in a certain era and - they got it bad and sad. I also saw the worst death scene ever. It would have been better in a Dads Army programme. hmm

Tried to relax by watching the Saints on tv and they got beat. Well beat. We played well but Wakefield were into a giant killing mood and hit us hard. We had some of our stars missing and it told. hmmm

The Cointreau was good last night and a cigar Joy got me on return from Majorca. It was a Davidoff 'Geneve'. hmmm

Downloaded my first album from iTunes/Apple music store yesterday. Cost 7.99. Much cheaper than play dot com - my usual drug supplier. It was a Bugge Wesseltoft album, all jazzi and moody. hmmm

Seeing the Sheilas tomorrow after Church. Lunch at Joys. Love these daughters who are adults and accept me as one. There are so many parent/child relationships that keep the kids 'down' and the kids keep the parents in a 'parent ego state'. Never relating adult-adult. I find I love them more as years go on. hmmm

Beef on the bone .............. Paul Sculthorpe our captain fantastic is to be the new Gillette face. The tri nations Rugby League games are due here in the Autumn and he will be on telle doing a shave or two. Big scraggy beef-on-the-bone hero ........ and I guess somewhat richer. hmmm