Friday, December 05, 2003

=it is a great privilege to meet and talk with, and know, and share with a top business man who is a shaking alcoholic.
=It is fantastic to know and love an ex heroin addict who is only an alcoholic now.
=Great to know a heroin user who has returned to methadone.
=A young woman who from a life on the street and lost in a life of chemicals is now moving on in life with emotional and focused stability.
=It hurts like hell to be close to a young woman who is hopelessly lost in inedequacy and unable to make a decision.
=it is joy to meet and share hurts in a group when they have been sleeping on the street, then to a night shelter, then the ymca .......... and to hear determination to be honest with self and step onwards.

sorry if I go on a bit about all this but it is me and I am there and I must share it ........ otherwise it sticks in the gullet and turns into something ugly.

I still have two shots of happy.
These humans don't drive me down.
the drive me on

still have one shot of sad
because midst all this I feel that shortfall in ability to help and facilitate better

I am listening to 'willis', my spin of the moment, and being blessed deep in my soul.

b blessed