Sunday, December 07, 2003

Yesh tesh sponyowa ...... Anita
Yesh tesh sponyawee ..... Tomek

Tomek and Anita came around and we hung out and enjoyed. Tomek did his thing with the new software programme called 'panther' which took ages. He sucked my macs empty to a clean state putting all onto his cool and portable hard-drive and then rebooted all the good bits back.
We had a beautiful Joan cooked chicken dish flavoured with coconut and limes. Give all this some veg rice and peshwari naan bread and it was a dribble down the chin time.

Fantastic how Anita relaxed and made our home her home. Pop Idol and sip of wine and a big stare at the 'wroe art' we have around. I love it when people take their shoes off literally.

Tomek and Anita are Polish and my only Polish words are above .......!
He first came to work as a volunteer at the Y some years ago and, as I joke with everyone, he ended up sharing an office with me and I trained him to be the web-master that he is. Now with a degree to back up the natural ability he creates beautiful things. to see him click dem keys puts me to ignorant shame. I just don't know how to do these things!">
He and Anita are great friends of ours and the ymca world.

Tomek is famous for turning down a free ticket to see U2 live because he had promised to spend the evening baby sitting with Anita. What dedication eh? They have a wonderful story of how they started kissing!

Fantastic day ....... bit dazzled by panther like keys clicking and windows sliding around.
Fantastic day ....... thee food and drinks and so much ...................