Friday, December 05, 2003

....this is fantastic to me .....
Quote from @U2 website:-

While in South Africa, Bono had what he said was an enlightening conversation with singer Bob Geldof, an old friend from Ireland who was the Svengali behind the Live Aid movement of the 1980s. Faith, at least in its institutional form, he told Geldof, may be the secret weapon to beating back the AIDS offensive.

"He's an atheist. I said to him, 'Bob this is going to annoy you, but I really do feel, looking at this problem so out of control, that synagogues, temples and chapels are really, in the end, my only hope across Africa. As you look at this, if it isn't going to happen through the church, it's going to be so very difficult for government.

"'Just dealing with prevention, giving young girls the courage to say no to male advances, to fight the culture of rape which exists in ghettos all over the world.' And Bob turned around to me and said, 'You know what? I think that may be true. Human beings are so in need of guiding principles right now, I'm not sure they can come out of textbooks. Education has to be at a very deep level to change and deal with this.'"