Tuesday, December 23, 2003

This is my friend Adolfus and he has given me permission to share this with you:-

Hello all, Warm X'mas wishes from Adolfus the Dolfin... I would like
Share with you all as how we Celebrate X'mas in India.. well unlike
in England, in India
Christmas is purely a Christian Festival I mean, there is not Santa
Clause, no Snow man or no gifts it is purely welcoming baby Jesus in
our homes! We make 'Cribs' in our house with minatures of Joseph,
Mary, three kings, sheprerds, sheeps and Angel Gabriel.. after the
Midnight mass we put 'infant Jesus' in the the crib! the only
unatural christmas pratice that we have may be is the Christmas tree
decorated as similar in a European way... Ofcourse it is a festival
and we celebrate it in a big way in our home town Cochin, each and
every house no matter if they are Christian, Muslim or Hindu will
hang a lighted Star infront of the house, which according to the
bible the Kings followed to get to Jesus Christ! it is amazing to
see the whole town with a star infront of all the houses!!! Please
do share any unique tradition that you may have for X'mas in your
home town.. well on more thing to note.. for X'mas we do send card
to dear one,but it is very rude to give it by hand, no matter if
he/she is infront of you, you have to post it to them ! (Crazy!
isn't it? but that's the way it works there..) - Adolfus