Friday, December 19, 2003

Well ..... how are you? ..... I am always giving you the pip lowdown. I try to be open. As much as I can. Just thought I would ask.

I am feeling pretty cool. Good. Happy. Incomplete. Restless. Positive. Stretching. passionate. ....... and more.

I am looking forward to certain things over Christmas but feel beyond myself and have deep sensitivity with many who are going into the next few days with real felt dread. More than uncertainty. I want to feel these and not be wrapped up in selfish self.

I still have a frozen iPod at a time when the newspapers are saying that it is the number one present for Christmas grrrrrrr.
I take mine to bed and can easily go to sleep with the beautifulness of dance music jacked into my eardrums and soul.
My mactop will still not connect to a normal BT line due to the setting being eaten by a Panther.

How do I travel by three trains on Wednesday/Christmas eve when there is a Tube strike grrrrrrrr

Tomorrow I will do some x files ...... my Christmas thoughts and the questions wether we will be a big 'frosty' or we will we rather 'jingle all the way'.

So ...... as I watch MTV late night
I love that song;
shut up just shut up shut up
shut up just shut up shut up

a black eyed pea to you too!!