Thursday, December 04, 2003

.................... still buzzing about the state of 16 year old young women and how we can facilitate help from a mess and another to the next step in life.*

The ymca is pushing out tv ads for the first time ever. They will be on some cable channels over the next few weeks. The ymca in england provides more beds for young people than any hotel chain provides. Plus there is support for people and a christian mission of 'making love' real ...... in most situations.
I want to make love

-peace lovers are great
-peace makers are better
-shalom makers are .................. making love.

So the ads go out and an appeal for financial support.
We need it.

Running alongside this is the 16 year old who smashes her room screams and shouts and cuts herself and cannot get her head around things at the moment. The only way I can think of is a small unit where these young and precious humans can get close support and hugs until they can cope with more regular housing and life going forward. This is real folks. Not conceptual. I have been involved in recent years with two local authorities about such hostels of a small and intimate nature and both got sunk. The cynical side me would say that they were not a glamorous enough project and other more trendy type of places attracts ...... for image sake!

So the tv ads say we do it. We do....... as an association of autonomous ymcas.
But the problems on the ground are not just get them in a ymca and provide a bed. There is a lot of loving and strategic loving to do.

* On my website and archive blogs there is several items from young people in such situations. There own written work published with permission. I have more to publish soon. Both sides are here ........ the ugly and real . ......... and the ones of people who are on the move stepping out in their human development. That is exciting. Thats what I want to see ....... ............ -shalom- *