Monday, December 22, 2003

It all seems on shut down.
People seem to be on a last rush-shop-till-you-drop.
Many finished their work for a couple of weeks.
me? ......... still on the way to a 24th finish

we are almost ready for the day and the holidays.

big church gig tonight with 50 in the choir and really good vibe. It was a service of depth and not just traditional carols. We had Tavener and Rutter compositions too. It was traditional. It was formal. But I loved the depth. It allowed me to journey inward and not be distracted by trivia. I loved the new stuff .... it took me deep.Moving.

The carol service was a good ad for an amazing story you know.
A baby born in straw poverty.
Empty hands.
The story I have been re-reading from the "Book of God" by Walter Wangerin, another excellent Greenbelt speaker, is heart wrenching. It is written with a sense of reality because he knows of the first century Palestinian scene so well. The Christmas story turns me to tears in that book.

Seeing how he started, at the bottom of a straw heap, he did pretty well.
He changed my life.
Of all the life changing experiences I have had in my life, this 'becoming a follower' at the age of 21 still is the number one.
I still get my inspiration and direction from the babe who became the 'shalom maker' ...... the prince of shalom.
How can we make sense Christmas amongst all the other stuff?