Wednesday, December 03, 2003

U2 have inspired since I first heard them at a small gig in London. That was a free gig by courtesy of the BBC. One of their freebee ones for Radio which also included Toyah on the bill and another, then famous, band which I cannot recall just now.
Seeing them perform in several countries and in different UK venues since, has been inspirational.

I felt inspired just now when a 16 year old homeless woman read me her notes she had just written about her feelings. Inspired. Open. Raw. Honest. Really great in terms of her thinking and connecting with her feelings. All for the first time. The glory of God is a person fully alive and she is on the way.

I delight when people step forward with no zimmer frame style leader. All on their own but with human support in view for them if they fall and hurt.. We all need support at times in our lives.

I think this excites me because that is what I aim for.

"I am free to be free" Mandela quote

I used to be Christian who wanted everyone to experience a radical conversion to Jesus like I did. It had to be just like me when the reality of 'turns of the heart to jesus' by most people happens slowly over years.
My radical conversion to a radical faith in Jesus was when I realized that to love someone in Jesus name was the greatest thing ...... and to desire and pray for their wholeness which will include a spiritual dimension.
The word -shalom- helped .
The price of shalom did it. That peace/shalom is about wholeness in every part of our being and every part of the world. That is why the AIDS/Africa crisis matters. It is about -shalom- ....... and the life of this sixteen year old bhp ....... her life is about -shalom-

Bit like a Christmas gig really ........
Peace I bring you
Shalom I bring you