Monday, December 29, 2003

this christmas story ...... it makes me think about 'why?'

God who made man, made man.
God who made time, stepped into time.

He made a step into the physical, stepping out of the wonder we have yet experience. It seems he did it to show the way.

When I did my rubber necking at the age of 21 and looked at this here Jesus, all because I met a human who was really different because the total life was 'given', I discovered through some deep inner disturbance that I wanted to be a follower. That was a big step for me. It was then. Now I realize it was even bigger. I am glad.

I find myself saying to Joan "I am happy". I have said this more times in the last six months than ever.
I am still driven and mission led.
Mission driven.
Uncomfortable and want to be.
Incomplete and want to be.
Journeying towards wholeness and want to be.

When Jesus was little there were bad things happening. There was that slaughter of all baby boys aged two and below. And then that little family became asylum seekers in another country. Displaced persons.
Part of this new way for this 21 year old some few years ago, was a deep disturbance inside about those people who are at the bottom of societies around the globe ...... often crushed under male jackboots. It seems that it is impossible to be a follower and not see humans with different eyes.

............. disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.......