Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I am wondering if you would rather me reflect on:-
1 my ipod crisis, not worked since pantherization on Saturday
2 our gas cut off 'immediate danger' situation.
3 chewing over the 'understanding humans stuff'
4 the people of the day who I love and work with.
5 the book I am reading
6 website delights
7 my feelings and why they are there.
8 christmas
9 my yearnings and soul aches

Because I don't know who clicks the blog, I don't know your interests so I tend to tell it all. I want to be without a mask but I must have one because that is what I believe about humans. So we all have. We dont tell people who we really are ..... show/exhibit/demonstrate/tell ...................

I am late night and off line (6 above and won't bore you) and this will go out when I am back in reach of my wifi.
I have lots of feelings about people (4 and 7 can't leave em alone can I?) these humans are not oddball and odd like they often describe themselves, they are different and SO unique. But do have in common a dislike for christmas (hate would be a better description!)
When you have no dosh you still see the tantalizing tv adds full of the desirable .......
When you have had/have inadequate parents (often no 's' in there) this family Christmas cultural norm just sticks in the throat and gut and ........
When you cannot return home because of abuse or rejection ........... where is home?
When you find yourself staying in the ymca because you have no other option, it is a blow to the old self esteem
(Once Christmas sits on your knee on the 25th most people love the ymca experience ....... it is just a horrible build up to it)

That is why I have conflicts with Christmas because I do a synergy with 1Cor 9 (19I think)

You will read more of this feel in the next few weeks as it is nearly Christmas you know!!