Monday, December 01, 2003

world aids day
rightly getting the news headlines and isn't bad?
Glad the African crisis has got the spotlight.
Good publicity and education.
Pray it all lasts more than a day and a big concert.

In the news also is this Vicar who has been called a 'Curate' by the media, I guess .... because she is a woman and they cannot hold a top job can they?
I do wonder if she had been a 60 year old man, rather than a blonde young attractive woman, if the issue would have got so much attention by the blonde obsessed media.
Do you think I need to go blonde?
There is real issues of life here. I was fortunate to have on our team at the ymca a head of sport and fitness a person who was also in full use of a wheelchair. Jenny was living education for me and a great laugh. She also contributed a chapter on awareness in at least two of my books to ensure that games leaders were sensitive to the needs of disabled people ...... and what a wide spectrum that is.

I understand that to eat a banana is to be banned when you are driving but answering a call to eat an apple is ok. hmmmm. I am all for road safety but dangerous driving is against the law without having to have any mobile telephone or banana legislation.
Handheld banana eating! hmmmm

Having a visit from PANTHER at the week-end. I guess it can play with zig .......... maybe not because 'panther' is a new mac operating system and my macmaster is coming to dine and wine and panther me!

My only concern is that my mac has been signed up to audio hijack to record my favorite dj every week direct onto my hard drive and therefore into my ipod. All this thanx to Adolphus who did the work for me on Sunday. Some people think I am clever because I have a website. Believe me it is just that I have fantastic friends. Thanx friends.