Monday, December 01, 2003

I have taken this from a website called 'U2sermons' which click daily. It is their favorite Bono quote and a good one to end this special day:-

'I think deep down, if we really believed in equality, we would go to the side of our brothers and sisters in Africa. What I would say is we don't really believe in equality. ...You think of these Jewish sheep-herders walking in, in front of Pharaoh, you know, without their shoes, and the pharaoh is going, "You think you're equal to me?" And they look in the Book, and they go, "Yeah... That's what it says here." And it's like "you're mad, you're out of your mind." --Well, it's true. And we accept that now between our own borders. We accept that women and Jews and blacks and Irish are equal and have equal opportunities, but we don't really believe that for the rest of the world -- because if we did, we would not be letting two-and-a-half million Africans die next year. "