Thursday, December 25, 2003

It is Christmas Day here at the Wilsons ..... does not sound a bit like 'The Osbournes'
It is night so the other three have retired to leave me and Zig to conduct the Christmas Day blog.

We have had a good evening out at friends and beautiful because of the people. Having watched the Beckhams on tape and toasted the day, we are ready for the Christmas day. It was people watching for me but business for the Sheilas.

Missing my wednesday night Gilles radio programme. It will be a 4 hour special at midnight and early morning of 31st before I can catch him. And could I do with my audio hijack working? ....... Yes I do!

Tomorrow we will arise to a light breakfast with tea. Then we will open the presents - play with my toys and then prepare for the dinner which is traditional here as elsewhere.

There will be family time and also friends time too.

I want to say thank you to so many blog readers and many others who have contributed to my life in 2003. If Christmas is about 'Love Actually' ..... you have contributed that to my life in many ways. A smile, a word, those eyes, that glance, that encouragement, that direct affirmation. Thank you for your unique way of communicating and being love ........ actually.
I am the sort of human who needs humans around. I want to give. I want, I need to, ...... to receive.
I have received already from the day some considerable blessings ..... it is true ...... in giving you receive.

Today I have been touched by a young woman who has just slipped back to hardline drugs. A Christmas Eve slip.
A youngster being kicked out of the only place he could call home.
People shaking with influencing chemicals or liquid- who have given to me from their material nothingness.
People who are 'emotionally unavailable' who still have given out to me today.
To you I thank you.

made by God
used by God
to bless me
Thank you.

May your Christmas be a deep journey inward.
May you jingle all the way.
May you tingle all the way.
may you receive love actually.