Sunday, December 28, 2003

The roads and church all quiet today.
It is a day of chill today. No shrill from the telephone, no tinks from the g4 inbox, no visitors yet ............ so relaxed ...... so much space and I like it all.

I know we can be self contained when things are ok inside our own unit while at the same time there are families with someone riddled with cancer. There are families suffering separation and then there is the earth quake in Iran. What a massive massive disaster that is.
I live in a London Borough with the same population as the Bam area (250k) and I shudder to think what it would do to suffer deaths of 20000, and it might be more in Iran ........ and the injury total will be ....... let wait and see and pray while skilled and unskilled labour to search and rescue.

Hope you and yours are feeling ok in the human beauty which is yours?