Monday, December 01, 2003

two shots happy
one shot of sad

The sad for this w/e must be the Aids crisis always here but now bold and brassy 'in your face'.
I might add I am not thrilled with the 'Mandy' as done by Westlife now at number one in the UK. hmmm

Two of happy from the week-end
1 Adolphus and ~Richard came around for Lancashire hot-pot and a dual mac session. They are both from South India and both once on the staff in my last job ......... now they are dear friends and mac helpers. They were also core team for the big gigs in Prague in early August ..... and I love em.
It was great hanging out and just by chance I had problems with my macs and they are so wonder-full.
(I love the new black eyed peas 'shut up' single. Exciting methinks ...... who are they ...... they are rolling funky.)

2 Had a fine week end of food and treats and friends and not getting much work done so ...... fine. Thank you God.
(sneaking another shot of 'happy' in here ....... the stuff I have for my fav compilation for the whole of 2003 is getting very exciting ..... it is still rough and piled too high but wow ..... it will be good.)

Stay beautiful.
Read and don't say good night to the tv.
Say hello to the maker and creator and zzzzzzzzzzzz real good.