Saturday, December 27, 2003

I thought about you yesterday-I went to see the ugly sisters!
Just a feeble joke from the recovery position.
I feel today is the first day with a bit of space.
I have just been sleeping on the settee with madame butterfly on my ipod. My favorite opera yet to see in the flesh. I sleep well with headphones and good music.

Yes we did the ballet at the Royal Opera House yesterday and wish it had been an Opera. I dozed off in the first act, may have been due to the glass of fizz enjoyed in the Champagne bar. My favorite drink bar one. The next two acts kept me awake as I resisted the Champagne
It was an experience but a bit boring and not as good as matthew Bournes 'Nutcracker' we saw same time last year at the Sadlers. The music did not kick and the ugly sisters do not really fit well into a ballet.
and ............. think how difficult it was to fit a glass slipper on the ugly sisters or indeed anyone with ballet shoes! It would have been fun to see them dancing in glass slippers!
It was great being with the Sheilas for the second day and friends of beauty too. We hung out at Joys after eating turkey butties and the others having a cocktail while the driver suffered with mince pies only.

I did not blog on Christmas day really, and yesterday too. As you know I don't love so much the bloggers that don't touch those precious finger tips on them keys daily. Sorry for my bad attendance miss. I wont do it again .......... until I go to Brugges for the new year hey hey.

It was great to see friends over the two days ...... great and beautiful to see Charlie and Molly ........ Willie and David ....... Malcolm and Val ...... Shags and Nic..... and Gill and Steve ............ Jess and Billie ....... and not forgetting ..... the ugly sisters!

Stay beautiful