Sunday, March 21, 2004

This is Richard and his a sample of his ymca experience ................
"........ a whole new world opened up to me as to explore like a newborn child, I began another journey in my life. The YMCA is a place where a lot of action takes place. Where the heart and soul of many lives dwell and seek solitude. The place, the whole world looks upon. Where you will see lot of people who have seen life living among the people who have yet to discover what the true value and meaning of life is. I am glad that I am living and working with a bunch of beautiful people who never made me feel home sick.
Being a one year International volunteer from India. I just want to share my experience with everyone. It was really great to live with three wonderful people from Senegal, Ecuador & Ukraine respectively. Even though living together is a great Challenge with Gods Grace we are doing quite well till now.

Next question was how do you know him? I replied, “ He is my friend”. The child’s curiosity increased. I found amusement in his innocence. He then asked me “do you see him?” I gave a warm smile and told him James I have and before he asks me more I told him “ James I see Jesus everyday and I speak with him daily.” At this moment James sadly replied “Richard I have neither seen Jesus nor spoken to Him”. I held his hand and I said to him “ you be good boy and one day you will see Jesus. Of the one and half years of my life in England James was the first kid who spoke to me about Jesus. That moment was really sweet for me. I love my diddies children. They are little angels. And above all very precious. It is always nice to have someone say to you that I missed you very much. But it is much more touching when these lovely, precious little Angels come back from their holidays and tell you ”Richard, I missed you”. God bless them.

This moment I started feeling the strong cool eastern wind blowing towards the direction of my Soul.

On Christmas Eve, Ann, who comes for special need rehabilitation class came to me and gave me a big hug said My son, Thank you for coming into my life & being there for us throughout. The very same day I got a Christmas card from my parents from India with the wording Thank you for coming into our life for you are Gods gift to us. What a coincidence.
That day I went to Church for the mid night mass. Soon after I took the Bread and sipped the wine I felt a very cool sensation passing through my body, which made me shiver. God showered snow on my Soul. And above all the snow was the blessing of the wonderful people who are around me.
Not only that I saw three snow falls during this New Year. I had a fantastic experience of walking in the snow, making a snowman and also many snow fights that I experienced for the first time in my life. It was a fantastic sight watching the snow falling that gave a feeling of intense joy within my heart. A silent serenity coated my soul creating a beauty similar to the snow-covered landscape around me.
God Bless All.'