Saturday, March 20, 2004

.....listening to Pete Tong on mactop wi-fi as I click da keys here at the leaning towers of pipdotcom. Have already heard the show on the tape machine under my desk as I produced a paper on spirituality today.

It is week-end recovery time. The last three week-ends have had commitments so I have been a pumping with Mr Adrenaline. Now he escapes me and I am pleased to be slob like a little. A paper takes some stretch so tomorrow maybe a more chilled day ....... if I complete the paper.

Next week-end I will be in champagne land sipping hmmm. This next week is busy every day plus a Brick Lane curry meeting. Travel with the new N*E*R*D album which is due to hit the doormat on Monday hmmm

Beef-on-the-bone news ............... the Saints won again with half a team but the big cup game is next Sunday when we are returning from sipping. Why am I telling you all this ....... suppose coz it is me ...... all of me.

Thinking about this rugby union game. It is a bit like the church of England. It wont shift, move get a grip and join this year ..... even last year would be better than 1662 worship or rugby. These mauls and rucks, the ball disappears and life becomes boring for the spectator. Why don't they change the rules and get rid of the mess and lets see the ball moving and the legs pumping. So much to learn. We have always done it like this so we always will. That is why it took over 100 years to turn the game AFTER the Rugby League was formed, out of the RU because the miners and other working men couldn't afford to miss work through injury. Catch up.

Tong plays on and a cafe-creme and a glass of wine is going down well as Joan watches cricket while I stay wired.

Will catch you tomorrow ...... Joan is talking to me, there is rain in Trinidad.