Friday, March 05, 2004

messages in my inbox
am that busy

signs of busyness is
the bits all around the house
-the floor
-the chairs
-the floor
-two desks
-the stairs
-the junk room

c.d.'s to burn
c.d.'s to send
c.d.'s to listen
books unread
books new
job lists
conference papers
training papers
idea papers
............................well Wilson whats going down wiv ya?
zero7 came today
gilles had them live last night
I have to miss the gig
Outkast is so fab
zig biting my toes - good sign
taping mtv for the sheilas
Anita seems a bit better after a day of sickness - post anaesthetic
feel I failed in group work today
feel good about so many humans
bugge wesseltoft new album due
need to learn how to use my mobile
I feel happy
music is like my life - must be on the edge
I am surrounded by people who don't know they are beautiful
I am tired and as usual don't want to sleep - boring
have to write a paper on spirituality - help anyone?
had some interactions of wonder today
and ...... I have had my Mactop for a year, my iMac for 18 months and 'dip head' - me ...... I have just discovered that I am been using the 'english' spell check and not the 'british english' spell check. Stink.
And it was all trained up in words like 'stink' and 'zig' and liveinwonder!!

stay beautiful
even if you never feel beautiful
you are
unique and beautiful
the mask is there to hide a perceived ugliness - untrue
if we believe we are beautiful
the mask can begin to peel

"why am I afraid to tell you who I am, because if I tell you who I am, and you don't like who I am, that is all I have."
title of my favourite book
by John Powell