Sunday, March 14, 2004

5 am at Belfast airport having missed my stinking easyjet home. Now it is four hours waiting for the next stinking flight.
My fault.
Was enjoying the people too much and did not leave sufficient time to travel.

I have been offblog because of my w/e here ........ this will be posted as soon as I get within wi-fi or home.

I want to tell you about my fab time here but feel like I am ready to sleep. Instead of the cafe area I had planned to be on a plane now and asleep before take off. I can do that normally. As soon as the adrenaline stops I crash and sleep easy to refresh.

I will try ...............................
I have just plugged in my ear-jacks into my mactop and amp fiddler is drowning the boring tape at departure regarding what you need to do with your mobile phone. hmmm. That's better.
I have been leading a week-end for 13 beautiful humans from the North Down area. I led them on a journey of self discovery, peer discovery, self awareness, community awareness and the all to important further step of skill development. These skills are in levels of communication. Sensitivity and, not only accepting and valuing people in theory, but in practice. We practised together. The vital things of life like making love.
We played the games, used the 'blob tree' type tools and stepped beyond the normal communication style.
If you don't know what I mean ........ I led activities, exercises, games and experiential times together which were both enjoyable and stretch for the soul and mind and whole person.

It was hard going...... (if you are blog dipping for the first time and you are a member of that group - yes it was hard going and I will explain a bit here) .. ....sometimes. The group was a first time ever together group. Groups usually go through stages of
We had the job of going through the lot and there was a tightness of sharing and revealing in the first half of the event. One issue was a noticeable reluctance to engage in dialogue and opinions at the start.
It all turned out fantastic with real and new experiences for all. Flowers opened in the light. Shells eased open. Words and other language flowed as these special humans allowed their souls to be uncovered for a wee while.
It will be a week-end I will never forget.
It will be an experience which they will never forget.

I have had the joy of living in wonder with them.
We will never be together again and maybe most of them I will never even see again.