Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"facts are stupid things"
ronald regan
Just listening to a frank zappa album and he displays that quote on the sleeve!

Hope you are ok?
How are you feeling?
put a word to it
use that word as a prayer
God knows the feeling
he is the creator of us humans and, it seems to me, he knows how we tick over
or rev at full pelt

I feel slugish
Up too early
bed too late
will rev later

thinking, as a slug
I want to lead a group today
(my imagination turns to the Simpsons!)
there are other models but that one family is high profile in my mind
"Families are about love overcoming emotional torture"
Matt Groening

I have picked up of late
and recent years
'family' can be a lingering dread
even when parents have been dead for ten years
they can be dread
People who have attendeded my 'road less travelled' courses
many have been weighed down, stifled, feeling oppressed
by the very thought of ....................

I want to open up the issue and help us all work it out

I remember saying to my Mother when I was forty
'Mother - I am forty and I can decide how to keep my hair, and the style'
said in a warm smiley way because I had just become an adult (around about 40)

I will reflect here how I go on............ the road less travelled today too ........
"the family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have."
Ring Lardner