Monday, March 08, 2004

Joan has been in virtual bed with a cold the last two days.
I love her and feel the pain with her.
We have been knocking about with each other for about 43 years this year, forty of them wed.
Do you think we are compatible?
Any marriage advice?
You see, she watches football and, if I am ever in, I turn on my wi-fi mactop with headphones and listen to a dozen of the radio programmes I lurve when she turns to sky..
When she want to say something, usually at half time, she lifts one leg up and waves it to get my attention.
Next time you see her - wave a leg!

she reads fiction, I read non
she watches football and we both watch beef on the bone - rugby league
she buys cooking mags, I buy 'stuff'
she cooks great food and I get fat
she swims, I walk (to the train and between stations usually)
she is creative with her hands, I am not, I click
she has green fingers, I have ipod fingers
she does crossword puzzles I just feel inadequate anywhere near there
she listens to little music, I have it on at all times possible
she is the most caring person I have ever met and I just cry
she is generous to the last drop, I am ........... I must stop this sometime.