Wednesday, March 31, 2004

…… the room is set in a comfortable but informal way. When the time is getting near I am in there with the music playing a good groove. In ambles a few humans.
YESS IT IS GROUP WORK STARTING ………….. and I am there as the punter facilitator.

I always feel apprehensive before a group. Adrenalin has to pump in a relaxed style for me to function well and be a positive tool in the operation. I ask the names of any new people so they are equal in terms of greeting and personal involvement.
Like leading games and some really silly kind of fun – I always plan every detail and every option and hopefully every scenario. It amazes me sometimes to see people playing games and it all being sloppy and no fun for the watching crowd ALL because the person leading the game is too interested in self enjoyment.
So here I am with feelings in abundance and prepared in detail ……… but informal and not reading a prepared script!

So in comes the humans and the group starts with some food and an activity I will tell you about in my enews-letter which you will get if you have done the right clicking on my web-site (where it says subscribe to newsletter).
Usually there is a handout which is created and conducted with non-readers in mind – always.
The subject is unknown to me at that point. Three options are often prepared and the one used is the one I judge best for the assembled group. Certain activities could not be used for a large group or a small noisy group …….. high on chemicals or drink for instance.
Always there is a risk taken to create an experience not just a heady discussion. I am after levels of communication you will know about if you read often. I am after development NOT only fun and views.
This risk stretches me – too.
This risk troubles me.
This risk hurts when I fail to do what I aimed for.
This risk hurts sometimes.
This risk is sometimes failure.
This risk fantastic at it’s best and better than that so often.
I never fail to be impressed at how humans can respond to challenge.

I am planning to post some of the exercises and tools I use on so you can print and use if you wish.

I will leave you to spend some time with ……….. it is important that you are the person you want to spend the rest of your life with …….