Wednesday, March 03, 2004

. much going on .........

Friend Anita was in pain today in a hospital which renews 19 hips every day. Her hip was done today with complications and I am concerned as I pray through the emotion. Tomek her man has belled me and keeping me emotionally in touch. She will be on her feet tomorrow ..... amazing.

Zig seems well after his injections. Wanted to go out after I had pushed two tablets down his throat. I gave in.

London Broncos are at the throat of the Saints this week-end. grrrrrrr
come on you saints. Beef on the bone is back.

Level five group this week-end. Always a drag to have another commitment in a busy life BUT it is so beautiful and special that I would never ever consider missing. After all, we have been meeting for 23 years.
Anticipation of wonder. I love these humans.

Wonderful discussion about 'masks' today.
Some thoughts which came out
we wear a mask, all of us
we wear a mask to hide our perceived ugliness
we can enter the process of peeling the mask off inlayers
only if we believe we are beautiful human persons will we remove it
believing is important
sometimes or many times we do not feel beautiful
believing it is important

I learned much as I journeyed along the longest road, the road inward.
I believe in being vulnerable and not keeping the mask. Hurt gets at you but it is needed, that hurt, to keep us becoming.
Comfortable is 'not ok'
Unease is 'ok'

lots more for me to touch as I refresh the irritation.
It is great to have people around me who press the button.