Friday, March 26, 2004

I must say that following your excellent course "The Road Less Travelled" ...........

......... this is just in and it is too good not to share with you ...... so I post with permission ....

Pip, just a short note to say 'Hi' and enquire how you are getting on? I am fine and really quite busy. I thought I would fill you in on some of my activities and you can update me on yours.

I must say that following your excellent course "The Road Less Travelled" I have started a distance learning course in Interpersonal Skills with the University of Wales Lampeter as well as undertaking a short course in Basic Counselling Skills for Non Counsellors via Relate and Havering College. I was so impressed with the counselling course I have put my name down for a further Introduction to Counselling course at Quarles Campus which will lead, should I chose, to a Certificate In Counselling course and ultimately to a Diploma Course. Upon successful completion of the Diploma I may be able to offer my services to Romford YMCA. The courses are in Person Centred Counselling following the Rogers model. I am really looking forward to starting in May.

I have spent all week in Health and Safety training at the T & G at Dagenham as a support for my role as Union Health and Safety Rep. Again I have enjoyed the learning experience immensely and hope to put into practice all I have learned. In addition the T & G also have a professional training programme which I have submitted assignments for. Feedback so far is very positive.

I was recently approached to apply for a position of Parent Governor of my children's school and elected to that post a few weeks ago. Following training I will be able to take up that position in earnest.

For the last four years I have been a shareholder of South Midlands and Greater London Housing Society which i joined as I wanted to become a board member. I have this evening been elected to the board at the third attempt and will shortly attend my inaugural meeting where upon I will need to decide which subcommittee I will join. With fourteen years experience in the housing sector I feel confident I can make a contribution.

All in all I feel that my recent achievements began with my association with Romford YMCA and your course which implanted in me an interest in personal development and the belief that despite poor academic achievement in the past I am capable of gaining professional qualifications and recognition.

As I move from my thirties towards my forties I become more convinced that I am able to contribute to society while achieving real personal growth. I thank you for helping me take those first tenative steps along my individual path. As we discussed it's not the start or the end but the journey which is most important.

Love to you and your wife.