Tuesday, March 02, 2004

God's country as U2 and Charlie would say ..................
.........was there yesterday and will be back there in two weeks for a week-ends training and fun with a group of future leaders in North Down.
My man Ivor gave me a big going over and introduced me to the town and housing estate scene.
The worst thing was having to allow extra time to go one stop down the M25 and up the M11 to stansted in the rush hour. I was there two hours before the flight and would have rather stayed in zedzz. I will tell you more as things move on.

The Greenbelt week-end was hanging out with keen Angels and relaxing methinks. I was among some great people I know and love and others I would like to. Also did a workshop and a closing session.If you look here by pasting this in your browser you will read a bit from a great clicker Paul Angel. Wish I could post blog pix. Took some good ones yesterday in Ireland and you would feel the scene with me if I could. Anyway, click dis.

I had a workshop at the w/e and with a list with 12 signature spaces . ..... I had thirty names . 27 turned up for this one hour 'road less travelled' mini life management course. Impossible task me thinks. I decided to do that because I sussed the need. That was right but don't feel ok about the session. Don't know why, not had time yet to evaluate, but it did not work as I would like and planned. 27 people for hour! Experiential! About feelings and assertiveness and .............. "you are very very nice people" but it did not work too well.

The last hour of the conference was with the whole conference in a tiny space. 150 people doing 'vote with your feet' and reflecting back about the conference. I enjoyed it but am critical of myself re a couple of sensitivity moments. I enjoyed the buzz of people interacting. We touched on the ....
If God is a DJ
life is the dance floor
............. 150 people in stretch about this. Much better than talking about first century figs/sheep/and other cultural stuff from ancient times.

The music was good over the w/e and two excellent comedians. Kathy Burton was their with here talent guitar and keys. Last time I saw her she was on main-stage at Greenbelt with 100k watts of sound. Love it.

Big thing today ...... Zig is not his self. Crying last night and not left his bed this morning soooooo ............. I will have to get him to the vets. Worried.

stay beautiful but go for more.