Saturday, March 27, 2004

1 ...... first time I have blogged in the back of a car ......... offline methinks ..... I am sure ...... I am offline but it is so early in the morning my mind is dull and I am not thinking proper.

Up at 6 and only to bed at gone two. I can never go to be early when I am buzzing with humans late night.

Feelings ....... give over ....... not awake yet ....... will click again when in France. zzzzzzzzz

2 In Troyes now, we stopped in Reims - such a fab city and had a demi - bottle of champagne, me and Joan, with a spot of lunch. We sat outside in a bit of a chill but the sun and the champagne hmmmmmm.

Went in my favourite ink shop in Reims. All sorts of colours and pens to die for ...... love pens .... inky ones. Got some sea blue for the next stage of bringing colour into my life.

Out tonight for a nice meal with friends and driver and tour guide ...... pick yer friends and you get to sleep in the back of the car after a busy week/s and a past 2am bedtime.

Zero 7 on the mactop as I click.'as it falls' is the album.
chill to this.
Now I will dance around in my underpants ........ not looking in the mirror as my friend Homer does!

3 life is going on and have found a wi-fi cafe in Troys
so posting the story so far.

bon sewer