Monday, March 15, 2004

My favorite club
what a night we have here .................


A new night where the freshest live chamber music performers get cosy with the sharp edge of DJ talent to create a unique & ear-opening nightclub experience. Get out the concert hall and get to the bar early.

Elysian Quartet
Probably the boldest, most exhilarating String quartet in the business, this audaciously talented foursome is fast winning admiration and respect across the musical spectrum. Formed back in 1999, Elysian Quartet comprises Emma Smith, Jenny May Logan, Vince Sipprell and Laura Moody: four highly skilled and distinctive musicians still intheir early twenties and uninhibited in their enthusiasm for all kinds of music.
With its energetic & fresh sound Elysian Quartet puts its own stamp on classical standards while chartering new territory for a classical ensemble.
\'Human beat-box? Killa Kela, singer/songwriter Polly Paulusma; saxophonist Barak Schmool (Timeline/F-ire Collective); composer Kuljit Bhamra and new British jazz giants Jade Fox have all collaborated with the quartet, while an ongoing exploration of music in different contexts has lead to performances of George Crumb\'s renowned electronic masterpiece Black Angels in Ronnie Scott?s jazz club and the works of Shostakovich in Soho bars.

Gabriel Prokofiev
Born in London to a Russian father & English mother. Gabriel Prokofiev studied music & composition @ both Birmingham & York Universities; & in 1998 he won a composers residency in Seattle at the Bourges International concours of Electroacoustic music. But for the last 5 years he has been producing dance & electro music under a variety of different guises. Last year he returned to his classical roots to compose his String Quartet No1 (for the Elysian Qrtt), however his dance music background is still evident in the quartet?s edgy, syncopated style which is sometimes classical (?reminiscent of the brusqueness and sparse textures of Stravinsky\'s String Quartet writing? P.G. Woolf,, but also has hints of Garage & Modern Jazz. The link with dance music also means that the Quartet will actually be released on 12? vinyl, complete with remixes (from the likes of BoxSaga, Max DeWardner, & Ed Laliq). These remixes will receive their public premier on the night, & promotional 12?s & CDs will be available.
anyone fancy going?