Wednesday, May 26, 2004

......... and lots buzzing my soul at the moment as I try to understand ................ it is a deep well ................. to deep for me but, but, but this becoming gig I am on demands that I journey that way.

Things buzzing me are vitals such as;


..... and more.
I must string all those thoughts together as best as I am able TODAY ... and carry on on that journey after today.

One thing ............ I have been hanging out of late with people who are able to share the deeper stuff because we have been incarnate together for sometime. There is a mutual trust.
I am thinking that my own untapped well is released in part by the relationships with the bruised and hesitant. Those with me who share our damage together and gain strength from tapping the wells of deep longing. It seems that broken people release in me something significant for my wholeness - and I am supposed to be be in a helping relationship with them!

Also - much of what is buzzing me is touching finger tips in the dark with that U2 Song 'One'

....... more to come, just started