Thursday, May 27, 2004

......... some more on those 7 Deadly Sins ........

LUST - wanting sex. Like every normal person.
GLUTTONY - Wanting to eat.
PRIDE - Having confidence.
ANGER - Being upset if someone say, steals your car, rapes your life and kills your family.
GREED - Not wanting to be poor.
ENVY - Thinking that someone looks good, and you wouldn' mind that top.
SLOTH - Wanting to relax.

You're all goingt o go to heel, and i'm not, ima "Christian", I belive that god loves everyone, well except sinners, lesbians, gays, left wingers, the poor, feminists, Jews, Musilms, infact all other religions, environmentalists, people who have fun, anti capitalists, anarchists, and goths.

Source: Father Bigot ...... from the web ...... don't mistake it for my views !!

It seems that everyone who is not Him is going to hell! hmmm