Tuesday, May 11, 2004

............... Sometimes I cut out an article from a newspaper to read as I commute around London the town. When read I discard on the seat nearby and it is interesting to observe the number of people who pick it up and read - sometimes take it away ............ well I think it is interesting.

Just about finished reading a book I started on 22.11.03
'Group Process, Group Decision, Group Action' by multiple authors.
It isd a Social Psychology book which, as usual I have been reading alongside another 8 to 10 books of differing subjects. It is amazing how the unique mashing of the subjects feeds the soul. Some I read from cover to cover and stays in my commuting bag until read, others I pick and mix.

today's spark was a report on surveys about how social support does influence health. 'Without social support men were 2.3 times more likely to suffer poor health and women were 2.8 times more.' This was several surveys over differing nations.

Working with homeless people who have failed or left a majority of their support systems - this is interesting. Often they complain about their support and certainly cannot, or struggle, to take advantage of what is available.
If the emotional deprivation high, it is really tough to get through with support. The incarnation model as seen in the scripture - seems to me to be the only route. Getting close by being there and sharing the pain. Becoming in fact, part of the social support and being a helping relating friend when the person is ready.

The incarnational model was not touched on in the book but one of my underlings in the book highlights a quote which says:-
' a large number of studies indicate that the prescience of others' makes stress easier to tolerate. The same observation are made with rats - and the same conclusions. I don't think I want to be incarnational with them.
B-being alongside people matters.

The last chapter which I will finish tomorrow is about 'crowding' and I am really into 'space' and relationships/communication at the moment.
One thing jumps out at me:-
Humans when they are in a crowded situation ....... the males react aggressively and the women the opposite to that. Women become closer and engage in more mutual eye contact and self disclosure. Hmmmm.
I will have to think that through and make sense of that here on the ground. 150 humans living in a hostel - could be classed as 'overcrowding'.
What about your living situation?
What does all this make you think?

............... will leave you now ....... if like me you are thinking, contextualising, visionising ........ becoming ........