Sunday, May 30, 2004

Kitten's Soft and Furry Side
Despite the hard-edged exterior, Kitten has revealed that she is in fact an insecure individual who has made 'a lot of mistakes' and often feels 'quite worthless'.
Surrounded by the housemates, Kitten said her friends often tell her that instead of attracting people to her, she drives people away with her defensive behaviour.

"I don't like myself most of the time," she confided. "My self-esteem's really low and I don't have a lot of confidence."

If you don't know what I am on about you are not watching Big Brother on Channel four and if you are like me, cable - constantly live BB.

Why do I watch BB I ask myself?
1 It is people watching and this is what I do in real life. Observe people and try to understand with view to entering a helping relationship (and at the same time learning myself!).
2 There is little else on tv late night when I am slowing up before bed.
3 Sleep is boring.
4 I can use clips of the programme in my sessions to help us understand and feel. Issues like 'self esteem' are real and video clips can be useful.
5 BB will become a National popular cultural pursuit in the coming months and I believe I need to be in touch with contemporary culture.
6 It is great to get to see the real humans emerge as time goes on. Interesting to see masks slip and real strengths and weaknesses visible
7 That's enough isn't it?