Tuesday, May 18, 2004

........... pix are fab when working in hostels with people with special needs ....... it is a non threatening environment to be pouring over pics together - from the past and right now. my mac laptop is an angel when it comes to a delivery of images.

It is amazing how, following the death of a young person due to an overdose, the significance of photo's to those who have suffered a loss. There is a desire to hold on to the memory and want to see and posses a photograph.

It all helps me to get close too.
Being involved is a shared experience and as you know -I think you know me - I believe that humans develop when involved in/ or have experiences of:-

- love
- security
- participation
- new experiences

It is wondrous to lead a group and people talk about things they have never done before.
They are finding the language to talk about feelings and expression of their life experiences.

At the moment I feel good about people feeling good.
I feel good that a clamshell human has opened a wee crack in their tightness and moved. Moved from the security and yet fear of silence - to the edge - insecurity where development is ........... stinking wow