Thursday, May 27, 2004

............ complete disaster in my life at Midnight last night ............. there I was waiting for my Audio Hijack to click on to record Gilles, my DJ dropper of perfect vibes, and - AND it would not work!
It does work on auto now and I have a whole collection of programmes which can be downloaded on my iPod for our pending holiday. I quickly had to tape the programme. Cassette tape!
Thar means I cannot play my radio Gilles in my car to work today STINK.

I have had problems that when I turn my iMac on - the clock is wrong. Last night it was 17 minutes in advance and that cocks up the recording. I have checked all the settings and the thing is supposed to be on auto time set - stink.
Are you with me? The Hijack records the prog on my hard drive and then it jumps like a frog into my iTunes and then into my Gilles iTunes file and then - when I plug in my iPod and I am iHappy on my iHolidays in iGreece for iTwoweeks iListening to i7000 tunes by the iPool in the iSun - need iGo on before you iBash me?

This morning I think I have cracked it and downloaded a free upgrade to fir the evolving OSX mac system. I will pour over my mac at midnight tonight as it record 'one world' another fine programme for my holidays ................... I hope I am ...........iPiphappy