Monday, May 10, 2004

................... I always continue the dots as I feel this is an on going relationship between you and I.
There has been a little pause for breath ........and here we go again ..........

Just in from the Greenbelt meeting and now chilling to the radio - Late Junction on Radio 3 - Mon to Thurs weekly. Love it.
I meet new music here.

Zig and Joan are having an early night. (shush ..... it is her birthday tomorrow and I am working away!)
A cigar is here with me and a glass of Cointreau - my favorite tipple. Must take a bottle to Cardiff to have a late night drink in the hotel.
I hope it is celebratory!

Started the course of 'the road less travelled' today and it was fantastic. The people present gave so much and dropped their guard quickly to enable me to lead a group which was not superficial but depthy deep. These humans connected and I love em already. The challenge for me is to facilitate the next two and 'walk on' as U2 would say/sing.
The experiential start leads to raising real issues of human life and tools being made available - a take away service.
I always say it is not a Q&A. The objective of the course is to grip reality, raise awareness and on to the area of skill. I love it.

The rest of the week is working away and then Friday we go to Cardiff. Just one night without zig - poor cat. His parents neglect him you know!

Onwards - everyweek end is booked with things until we go to Greece for a two week break. I cannot find a hotspot there for my wi-fi even though I have searched the web and all my fav sites. Maybe there is a cyber cafe where I can post a sun drenched blog to you. Mind you, I could be stuggling with the problem of women clawing my body as I relax by the villa pool.
It is a hard life.

Must go .............. will see you later ......... bbecoming ..............