Monday, May 24, 2004

......... and I have been a concluding a 'road less traveled' course today = three of three.

It is special to spend six intense hours with beautiful humans who have committed themselves to journey into life management. It was emotional, honest, stretching, skilling and just beautiful. I want to do more of this because it is where the rubber hits the road, where humans meet and learn from each other and a special group dynamic.

I am thinking about living on the edge and not in the centre.
It is on the the edge where I want to be - spiritually - physically - emotionally - lovingly - ............. that is where I yearn for because the centre is a place where growth does not reside.

Some want to live within the sound of chapel bell
I want to live within a yard of hell.

The big issue with people who have failed through experiences of drugs and education and social norms ......... it is not that they have failed ....... it is that they need humans to love them in the very state that they are in.
The one thing they need is people around them who affirm them in their reality. Unconditional acceptance.
As we associate with people who are at the bottom there is such a massive learning. We can learn so much from the poorness of the spirit and I want to be there.

Tomorrow I don't know what I will face in terms of sadness and setbacks. Whatever the day brings there will be a test of love. Of valuing. Of accepting. Of loving.

I trust I will also see some shining faces which radiates when humans are stepping out of their bubble trap. Eyes start to shine and skin looks healthier than ever.

There is new life possible in these beautiful humans ............