Saturday, May 01, 2004

..... and here I am saying I hate clicking a blog and it has not moved and I am left with yesterdays news/views/groans/vibes .............. and here I am, having missed the daily click to you beautiful unknown tribe.

As it is said, I have a good face for radio and for blogging too!
You know, I am not good on the phone and I am certain it is because I don't like the sound of my own voice on the phone, don't feel comfortable also because I live in a passion to communicate NVC style.
We are made of 86% water
86% of our communication, at least, is non verbal.
I feel inadequate without the NVC.
Am I the only human who feels surges of inadequacy?
Maybe there are other reasons too ........ will have to think.

Been off at a conference and working away so have been off line so ........ sorry.
Feel a bit tired now. Always buzz like mad when I am around people and then, after a period of intensity, I feel flat and need to chill.
Are you like that?

When drained I have found that certain tricks bring me back to refreshing passion.
1 Reading a book .......... got at least six on the go at the mo. I know the one I can pick up now and it will tickle my fancy.
2 Listening to vibes. Hmmm. So much music I have on my iPod. Radio and new albums.
3 Watching my team play and win like they did last night. Wow! They played the unbeaten super league leaders ...... UNTILL LAST NIGHT and we thrashed them 54 - 10!!
We decimated them with such rugby it was sooooo thrilling that me and Joan were on our knees screaming in front of the TV. We now have our tix for the Final of the Challenge Cup on the 15th at Cardiff ................ hope hope hope they can play like that on the day and thrash the 'pie eaters'.
4 Being with Joan and doing the simple things like a milky coffee .... talking ....... we talk so much ......
5 Hanging out with the Sheilas. Love these humans. Joy gets back from Miami tomorrow after a long two weeks away .......... a special day. She will also have for me a new gadget which I plug into my car cigar lighter. In that goes my iPod which then links without cables to my radio and charges at the same time hey hey. Long journeys come on!!
Ann is full on filming - 11 days non-stop ............ but always finds time to ring and text.
Special day.
6 I could go on ............... but they are the best tricks.