Monday, May 10, 2004

..... had a great time in a little north London Greek cafe last night. It was a birthday special for Joan and we had the Sheilas and Peter who feels well at home in that environment.
I love the little place where the food is cooked within four feet of you and everyone else eating feels part of the family...... and they added to the 'happy birthday' song when Joan got the big fat Greek cake with candles.
It was also great to see the girls again after a months gap of physical distance.
I got my gadget for the car which will allow my ipod to be charged and send a signal to the radio - wireless - of course. I will use as we wing to Cardiff at the week-end hey hey. Also Joy had got me 501's Jeans x 2 and some nice cigars - all from Miami. hmmm

Today I am starting a "Road Less traveled course".
It is three Mondays for 12 people and will be a journey of depth and wholeness.
The blurb for the course goes a bit like this:-

Content: Listening skills, communication skills, spiritual awareness, assertiveness training, observation skills, self awareness, affirmation, managing feelings and giving and receiving from a special group of people ? AND GOOD FUN!!

The objective is to spend three sessions together actively exploring communication. No experience necessary ? only a willingness to participate at a level decided by yourself and the group. It will be interactive ? meaning no-threatening discussion led and guided to provide a whole new experience of communication ? body, mind and spirit. It will be enjoyable and life affirming.

After that it is a pop in meal at the New Piccadilly and then a Greenbelt meeting. I will connect with you later tonight eh?