Wednesday, May 19, 2004

.......... long day today and a bit tired and reflective midst that.

Read it somewhere ....."blogging is a writers visit to the gym"

Well this gym visit will be short due to late night and early morning. Cannot say my sleep craze is alcohol induced. I have however - just had the last drop of the famous Czech liqueur called BECHEROVKA.
The reason it has took me three and a half years to drink this one bottle is, it is at the bottom of the drink pile when it comes to a late night tipple.
I would think that the nearest drink it would taste like is paraffin. And that is not for drinking.

Get the climate right and the atmosphere of non-threatening discussion and people open up. My recent experience. People who are a million miles from opening up - are ready to share. There needs to be a structured experience, otherwise the same superficial banter ensues.
The inner life is so powerful and can be so beautiful and yet so many keep it locked away. Chains, ropes, gags and handcuffs on the soul.