Sunday, May 16, 2004

................ been and had a great week-end in Cardiff and a nice city it is.
Had a fab meal in an Italian restaurant which set a good holiday vibe start for me and Joan.

The big thing was the the great win at the Millennium Stadium by my team St Helens- The Saints.
I cried at the end.
It was exciting and nervy throughout.
They played great ......... we played great.

I have few words to had to describe the game because I am still overwhelmed.
I will mention a few of the big experiences:-
The mass of crowd in the city centre right alongside the stadium - unlike the stark concrete of Wembley as it was.
The crowd all mixing - both teams of supporters, in the street and the same pubs and cafes.
The number of fans in fancy dress and having a great time.
All the families there for the occasion.
The smiles on all the faces - all of the day.
The stadium with such a great view and a feel of intimacy.
The city - compact and feels good to be there.

It was a whole big great experience and I came home shattered and emotionally drained - and we WON!

The only bad thing - next year the same Challenge Cup Final has been moved to August Bank Holiday week-end ........ the same as Greenbelt!
How is that for a conflict of interest?