Tuesday, May 18, 2004

..... new report out today

saying the majority of people with mental health problems say they suffer from loneliness and isolation. I have been going on about the social support recently and this report is from surveys published today.

Two surveys, by Mind and the pollsters NOP, found 84% of those with mental health problems felt isolated compared with 29% of the public. Young people were most likely to experience this: 92% of 18- to 24-year-olds with mental health problems reported such feelings. Again the issue of feelings and how they can bring us down if not managed.

The NOP poll found people were less likely to feel alone in some regions than in others. Those in the north had the best support: 83% said they had never felt isolated.

I wonder if you ever feel alone?
Sometimes I do in a room with lots of people.
Sometimes I go out on my own and not talk to people I know. Sit alone and feel it. Also to see if there is anyone out there who will chose me to sit with. If I am always sat with those I feel comfortable with - I will never step out side my comfort zone - that zone where development does ny reside.

People in today's survey who have these feelings say that said the chief cause of their isolation was others' lack of understanding of mental health issues. More than two-thirds said their isolation made it harder to recover or cope.
It is back to the issue of ....... 'broken leg' is visible and the 'interior' issues are not - and scary.

...... there is a journey here for all of us ..............