Tuesday, May 18, 2004

...... emotions are strong and beautiful emotions are hard and ugly .............

...... emotions are strong and beautiful
emotions are hard and ugly .............

Depending how you feel right now ...... and sometimes we are not in touch with our feelings, often we feel not well because the emotional system touches the body - punches the body - prods the body - cuts the body - sometimes.
I mentioned a few blogs ago how the lack of social support has been found to have impact on health up to 3.8 times more than those with a network of support.
Emotions impact the body.

Depending how you feel now ...... the opening lines will ring true.

If we have been brought up by someone placing their face close to yours and hurling the words
'you are a bad boy'
'you are a bad girl'
............................ often it is not the words we remember but the snarling lips, the flared nostrils, the spitting mouth .............. and a big feeling that "I am not ok"
'I am bad'
We demonstrate our value/love by our non-verbal communication
Abused become abused - it is said.

When our house is getting on our nerves we remove the items around us and put them in our attic.
You don't want to see our attic.
It has more junk than all the charity shops in Romford.

Whe something ugly happens in our lives we can so easily push the thought into the attic of our lives. Not the conscious part of us but the unconscious part of us.
eventually there is overload up there and there is a creaking and a big weight of responsibility hangs around us and it won't disappear.
Out of site is not out of mind when there is a big and looming emotional storage problem. We become more aware of the physical impact of our emotions. Sooner - rather than later , those emotions - buried alive inside us, need to be dealt with - disposed of properly.

The big trigger to get this process going is someone who loves us unconditionally. There is only one person who can do that with some great willingness and certainty .............. and that is the creator I decided to hold hands with at the age of 21 and has been helping me with my emotional attic ever since, (But sometimes I won't let him in!)

I believe that there is no human person who will not respond to love. Human love is the next best thing. We all need at least one person who will love us.

When it comes to children .............
Love needs to be evident in the scolding of a child - far more than the particular 'wrong' which is on the parent agenda at the moment. The behavior is one thing and the 'beautiful human' is another.

Joan read an item in a Sunday newspaper magazine and I caught it today on the London Underground. The feature was about a twin brother and sister from the Guinness family - not people without dosh.
He said something like this; "I was sent away to boarding school at the age of eight and I didn't want to go and neither did my mother. It did not matter - I went. Nobody ever asked me how I felt. There was no language to use to talk about feelings. No-one asked me how I was feeling and no-one cared"
To me that is powerful and I thank him for this honesty. (He ended up a victim of drugs and other problems) So so sad.

I find this all the time with all sectors of society.
I work with those at the bottom of the heap - homeless and disregarded.
I meet the professionals and the business successes.
I see people full of feelings and stuck in a hole.
A hole - full of a swamp, .................. stuck in a swamp of feelings they cannot express - touch - own - handle.

................... Feelings are the first point of call it seems to me and then - FROM THAT SENSITIVITY - going on to be - becoming ................ a more beautiful human for human kind and eternal God ............................