Sunday, May 09, 2004

............. beena catching up with admin and chill today.
Both needed some time!
Then there is the domestics like some quotes for the Car insurance and playing with zig. No garden life with the wet weather in these parts.

Ordered flowers today for Joans birthday vsoon shhh and we eat with the Sheilas tomorrow as a special day demands - so long overdue - I miss em so much.

Yesterday I led a training gig for a team of fab humans. It always gives me a buzz. There is a major difference doing something with professionals than people with extreme special needs. It isn't the value, they are all of equal value, nor is it the personalities, the passion ................. in all groups that is there. The pro humans are passionate about other humans and yet still stumble over themseves - self - and the others around them. Just like me. The striving to care and love and serve and strategically manage - always stretches and in that situation we bump and stumble into ourselves - trip over ourselves - and self.

The ones who are homeless and messing with their heads chemically etc ....... are centered on survival and the yearn for security - and the journey to find a sense of belonging. They passionately need and want friends and family but often lack the social skills and emotional capacity to retain family or friends.

Next Saturday look out for me and Joan with our faces painted red and white as we stand on the terraces of the big and wonderful stadium in Cardiff. Supporting the best Rugby League team on earth of course.
hmmm ............ hope that is so on the day.
Come on the Saints